Captain Kirk – Jurassic Dark [EP]

ln his quest to save the forests from imminent destruction, our beloved time-traveller Captain Kirk is back. On this Vantara Vichitra ear candy, he takes us back into the past on a journey to a mystic Mesozoic realm to hatch an epic healing conspiracy using aboriginal Finnish future-shamanic music to caution the Jurassic of the terrible fate that awaits! The fossils have been polished for presentation by Petran and the Dark has been adorned by bizzartist Whrikk. This is a misadventure millions of years in the makin.

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios
Art by Whrikk
Format: Digital
Release date: April 12th 2019


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Single Tracks :
  1. 11. Captain Kirk-Jurassic Dark

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  2. 22. Captain Kirk-Katvealue

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  3. 33. Captain Kirk-N.L.O.

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  4. 44. Captain Kirk-Pustulio

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