Daksha – Subjectivity

Daksha - Subjectivity

Daksha – Subjectivity [EP]

After bringing you some of our favourite homegrown sound-weavers’ creations to you through vibrant EPs in the past couple of years, our latest offering is a guaranteed delight. The Vantara Vichitra team is proud to present five massive solo tracks in the EP entitled “Subjectivity” by Daksha, the latest addition to our colourful family.
Daksha is the brainchild of Sacha Bouaziz, a psychedelic traveller and sound-crafter, born in France and brought up in Morocco. His affinity towards music was manifested at a very young age. In 2011, Sacha began to experiment with the myriad unique aspects and genres of music production on Ableton. He released his first EP in 2015 with Damaru Records, leaning towards darkpsy grooves. With “Subjectivity”, Sacha moves to a different spectrum of foresty sounds, making it his debut EP in this style.

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios
Art by Cacofonix
Format: Digital
Release date: September 1st 2017



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