Hutti Heita / Loke / Saikozaurus


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[Yggdrasil Records, Norway]
[Exclusive/Debut set in Bangalore]
Hutti Heita is a project by the dynamic duo Kim Svendsen and Alf Olsen and is the most profiled act from Yggdrasil Records. Today the project is based on an Island in the Mediterranean sea, but emerged in Norway after a trippy jam-session in Goa. The common ground and mutual idea was to convey something magical, deep, twisted and fun for the great theatre of Gaia.

[Yggdrasil Records, Norway]
[Exclusive/Debut set in Bangalore]
Loke is the solo project of Kim Svendsen, a free zone experiment true to the spiritual essence of forest trance. Loke is also part of other projects such as Hutti Heita, Freeform Syndicate, Konkylie and more.

[Vantara Vichitra Records, Ukraine]
[Debut Set in Bangalore]
Saikozaurus is Daniil from Ukraine. Into electronic music since the age of 15 until he bumped into Man with No Name and Earth Moving the Sun which inspired him into the world of psychedelia and started Djing in 2001.In 2003, he started producing psychedelic trance taking up a role of a energy conductor , giving it form which is acceptable by earth inhabitants. Vibrations define the depth of trance. Knowledge and experience define the quality of its sound. These magical sounds travel into each cell of the body, illuminating the soul and resonating energy to earth and its inhabitants to move to the next level of consciousness. Like ancient cosmic tribe traveling through the worlds glorifying the art of dance and creation. Trance is the language of god and love is his most important message.

[Vantara Vichitra Records, India]

[Vantara Vichitra Records, India]

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