Turbulence is a dj-project from Turo Markkanen, Finland. His active electronic music journey started in 2002 in Helsinki, when he visited electronic music partyes for the first time. Year after that when he turned 18, his parents gave him a car as a birthday present, but he decided to sell it away: he wanted to buy a pair of vinyl players and mixer, cause spinning the decks was more fascinating than driving around in a town.

Since then, Turbulence have had his part in events and festivals around in Finland, Russia, Europe and Asia, especially in Goa. His sound can be described as night and twisted full-on trance, flavoured with shamanistic and foresty echo aspects followed with deep and grooving rhythms and all in between of your own mind & imagination.

Turbu is also the main brains of Bermuda Gathering in Finland, which is at the moment the oldest annual meeting point where friends, art & music has met each other for one weekend since 2007.