South Africa

Tersius, electronic music producer from South Africa, whose story of a passion for the transcendental dance floor began with childhood experimentation with cheap electronic equipment and a cryptic mix of stylistic influences from any dance beat he could discover through his fellow 12-year old contacts coupled with an extensive psych rock collection inherited from the parentals. At 16, he popped his mental cherry at his first psychedelic gathering at Vortex close to Cape Town. Soon, he moved to the UK and started with Cubase lessons along with sonic experimentations with computers and a Korg MS-20, occasionally complimented with participation in sacred plant journeys. Influenced by a full spectrum of underground forest and Goa music at the time, he was furthermore fortunate to be a part of a musical melting pot of fellow producers in the area. Currently he is back in Eden home South Africa, where he is working on forest music for Vantara Vichitra and deep progressive music under the moniker Kabi. His soundscapes are independent of the varied approaches and styles. However, a constant feature of his sonic nuances include the experience of multiple organic textures and groovy basslines, leading to graceful suggestions towards a common anceStar.