Oc Ritmic


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Oc Ritmic is Alejandro Cortez born in 1989 in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Oc Ritmic project came in 2009, with the collective Nahualica 13:20 who are responsible for organizing dances under the moon and artistic promotion. Ritmico Oc technique is characterized by a sum of knowledge and techniques to maintain at a high frequency and tune the dance floor, thus transmitting its essence laden with dense atmospheres, strong leads and epic melodies accompanied by powerful shamanic chants. The variety of styles Oc Ritmico handled in mixtures ranging from Forest to Darkpsy. Currently it belongs to seal Vantara Vichitra Records and shared the stage with artists of great weight as Enichkin, Necropsycho, Baba Yaga, Mubali, Cinder Vomit, Xikwri Neyra, Cosmogonia, Xochipilli, Oustanding Nerd, Otkun, DjMohinia, Stopless, Sishiva, Frog, Paranoiac, Elowinz , Minimal Criminal, Zombie Scream, ARCEK among many others. He is currently starting its own production project with which we will share his own vision of psychedelia.