Krystal Funk


Krystal Funk is a solo project by jithin george from kochi, India. He started of his music career by picking up the guitar at a young age and pursuing it as a tutor at the age of 18, Having mixed emotions towards psychedelic music he started playing along private gatherings across kerala and started of with his DJ project “krystal funk” mainly focusing on night and forest music. He has played alongside great names like talamasca, fobi, samadhi,technical hitch, cacofonix, bombax, hoppit etc. Having such deep passion for psychedelic music and being inspired in the early stages by artists like psykovsky, kindzadza, terranoise, mubali, overdream, electrypnose, enichkin, arjuna, audiosex, dark elf, digital X, Parus, Dark whiseper etc has led him to kick start “krystal Funk”.