Chlorophyllian is the DJ project from Rod Herrera, born on the Guatemalan hills & jungles.
He got into electronic music on 2000 with techno and house, but rapidly moved into psychedelic trance by mid 2000s Djing on local gigs, he experimented through  5 years mixing with all the layers of psychedelic trance and it was until 2010 that he decided to stay with the magical never ending world of the plants and forest visions along with his label, Biijah Records.
His style is full of  strong basses with melting atmospheres, always looking for the perfect mix of funkiness and deepest  states of mind. Rod is always looking  to feed your soul with the finest green essences, making you to drip into the veins of the earth and feel the tree’s life inside you. Pack it up and let the plants speak!!

Label Owner and DJ of Biijah Records (GUA), DJ of Vantara Vichitra Records (IND) and 25 Bike Ride Records(DEN).