Exist Prime

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Exist Prime

The schisms have been transposed and our adept audionauts will carry us forth into the omnipresent network of enigmas. Brace yourself for a magnificent cavalcade on this craft of self-awareness. The network has been encrypted with venoms and virtues. The poisonous venoms have to be attacked or avoided. Nutritious virtues have to be approached and accepted. As we travel from void to void, we experience the magical meaning of meaningful magic. Welcome aboard Exist Prime!



Full Face - Koum Kouat Scoops


Petran - Resonauts


Jangaramongora - A Mad Manager


Backgammon {Digitalian & Gu} - Candle Sticks


Kerlivin & Gu - Exist Prime


Gidra - Rashidelica


Magic Seeds - Ray Idi Suda


Saikozaurus & Cacofonix - Scary MoonStars


Koala - Rabbit Hole


Captain Kirk - Poison Ivy

Compiled by Cacofonix & Alien Trancesistor

Mastering : Petran

Artwork : Cacofonix

Release date : March 14th 2012
Worldwide Distribution by Vantara Vichitra & Arabesque

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